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Frequesntly Asked Questions
Account registration is not necesary, just Sign In Via Steam to start playing on our site. Then navigate to your profile page and imput your trade url.
The more you deposit into the game the more tickets in the game you receive. Your percentage of winning is based on the total value of the game compared to the total value of your deposit.
When creating a game you are allowed to deposit a maximum of 20 items. When you deposit onto coinflip people will then be able to join your game and verse you if they are capable of joining within the value gap.
There could be different reasons for this to happen.

The most common one is a trade hold. This means that steam is holding the trade for a few days because you don't have steam mobile authenticator setup for 7 days. You can check this by going to your trade offers to check the status of the trade.

Another possibility is that steam is delayed and it could take a bit to process; to check that please go here.

If after 20-30 minutes, you've accepted the trade, checked that it's not on hold, and have still not been credited - please send us a ticket.

Support Form
You earn experience and level up by playing coinflip and jackpot. Coinflip earns 10XP per 1 cent wagered, Jackpot earns you 10XP per 1 cent Wagered.
You start at level 1 and cap out at 100.
Please visit this link. https://rustydouble.com/level-info to find the up to date list.
You can view all your previous deposits and winnings on your profile page. Click the downdown on the top right of the page and navigate to "Profile". Note you must be logged in.
A maximum of 4% will be taken from jackpot and coinflip winners with "rustydouble.com" in their steam username and up to 5% without for further website development, give-aways and upkeep. If the smallest item in the pool already is worth more than 5% of the whole pool, we do not take any rake.
1% of every deposit you make with skins will be given back in credits once the game has been played through and a minimum of 3% rake was taken. (Must have rustydouble.com in name.) This is to prevent people from abusing the system.

The amount of affiliate commission you earn depends on how many unique depositors you have referred. The more unique depositors you refer, the higher affiliate commission you earn.

Affiliate Level Unique Depositors Affiliate Commission
Level 1 0-49 3.33% Commision (Of House Edge)
Level 2 50-199 6.67% Commision (Of House Edge)
Level 3 200+ 10% Commision (Of House Edge)